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FREE Autodesk® Revit®  Architecture/Structure/MEP extension for fast implementing of Revit families in external libraries, located on user's computer or company server.   

Over 5,594 Revit users worldwide are already using our Smart Browser. We welcome every Revit user to join our community in using our software! 



What's New:

» Smart Browser 2014.2

» Smart Browser 2014.1

» Smart Browser 2013.4

» Smart Browser 2013.2

All Smart Browser published versions:
v2015.1, v2014.2, v2013.5, v2012.6, v2011.1.


Smart Browser v2015.1 was released on 22.05.2014.


Smart Browser Pro is another BIM solution designed for Revit family search, also managing and editing. It has a broad set of specific functions, including Smart Browser’s full functionality.


Smart Browser features for Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Revit MEP 


Features of Comparable Products

Smart Browser FREE

Smart Browser Pro

Quickly and easily searches Revit families on user’s local computer or company server and places them in to the project.

Allows to drag-and-drop elements to the project.

Elements can be quickly found by family name, family type, parameter name or parameter value.


Allows to overview all family 2D and 3D views (using DWFX) before inserting it to the project.

Allows to overview family types and parameters prior to insertion.

Revit families are listed in a "tree view" where they can be grouped by original folders, categories, insertion types or unit systems.

Allows to edit existing parameters of hundreds selected families.


Allows to add new parameters (including shared) of hundreds selected families.


Allows to copy family parameter to hundreds selected families.


Posibility to use all unit types: Common, Structural, HVAC, Electrical, Piping, Energy.


Has the possibility to modify type names (rename, delete or add new type) of hundreds selected families.


Allows to modify family names of hundreds selected families.


Groups edited procedures into jobs.


Shows graphically predefined jobs for families in a single convenient dialog window.



Shows all history of your made jobs with families.



User can easily come back to any state of job adding.




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