t4r_logo_80x80.png - 6.68 KB Dynamic Legend is a powerful Autodesk® Revit® Architecture/Structure/MEP extension that allows you to quickly create, modify, and update legends for Revit elements.


Dynamic Legend creates & updates intelligent legends and creates specifications on different legend pages. Works with all Revit categories those can be added to a legend view.


Dynamic Legend TOP 3 Uses:

  • Performance Increase
  • Error Reduction
  • Saved Settings


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Unit systems: metric and imperial.
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System Requirements 
Same as for 32-bit or 64-bit Autodesk Revit Architecture/Structure/MEP


Compatible with Revit® 2015, Revit® 2014, Revit® 2013, Revit® 2012, and Revit® 2011!




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Autodesk Revit extension - Dynamic Legend




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Features for Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Revit MEP


Dynamic Legend is an Autodesk Revit extension that provides a set of tools that allows you to quickly and easily create legend of any Revit Family.


  • Convenient dialog allows finding and grouping elements, also filtering and analyzing legend data before creation. 
  • Ability to create legends on different pages. 
  • Ability to update all selected legends with one click. 
  • Has a possibility to use real element pictures instead of legend components. 
  • Ability to use one or more element views in the legend. 
  • Works with linked projects.


Revit add-on Dynamic Legend quickly creates, modifies and updates legends of Revit elements | tools4revit


Published versions:  Dynamic Legend v2015.1, v2014.1, v2013.2, v2012.3, 2011.4. 



Headache FAQs Working with Revit

1. Do I need to manually create legend tables with element views in my project?

2. How can I update elements in the legend, depending on the model? It takes a long time to manually create a legend and to update all the data in the legend!

3. What do I need to do if I want to use actual images of the doors and other elements in my legends?

4. Do I have to manually split my created legend table to place them on different pages?

5. How can I quickly create a legend table depending on swing direction of my doors or windows?

6. Can I update elements in the legend from the linked project?

7. Can I create a legend table with top, side and front views of an element?

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Benefits of Dynamic Legend


The Revit extension Dynamic Legend dramatically speeds up the Revit project documentation process:


  • Speed – the Dynamic Legend extension helps to quickly and accurately create legends of the families in your design. Revit doesn’t update elements or properties in the legend. Depending on the complexity of the model it can take a long time to create and update all the data in the legend manually.
  • Easy to Use – Dynamic Legend tools allows you to automatically create/update legends.
  • Reduction of errors – the Dynamic Legend never misses a thing.
  • Saved settings for future projects – allows you to re-create legends to meet the company standards.



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What's New:

» Dynamic Legend 2013.1

» Dynamic Legend 2011.3

» Dynamic Legend 2010.4

All Dynamic Legend published versions:  v2015.1, v2014.1, v2013.1, v2012.2, 2011.4.



Dynamic Legend v2015.1 was released on 13.05.2014.


If your subscription has been expired, please get in touch with us to get it renewed or purchase an upgrade at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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