Get Access to All Productivity-Boosting Autodesk® Revit® Apps

T4R Productivity Suite reduces BIM stress and extends the power of Autodesk® Revit® software. This collection of tools includes fast documentation and smart modeling extensions for all Revit users.

Whether you're an architect or structural engineer, designer or MEP engineer, T4R Suite is your all-access pass for tools that will speed up your work in Revit! Created by Revit experts, these plug-ins help you customize Revit software to meet your specific designing needs and increase your designing efficiency.

  • Import data from Excel to Revit and accurately create, distribute, and modify elements
  • Quickly group, sort, and renumber Revit elements in your projects
  • Easily create and manage legends of any Revit family category
  • Precisely calculate overall heat transfer coefficient
  • Create and manage sheets and easily make fast documentation

Essential everyday Revit add-ons that eliminate non-value-adding tasks in Revit.

Compatible with Autodesk® Revit® 2017, 2018, 2019

T4R Suite is the best solution of productivity tools for Revit users that allows them gain a much higher level of efficiency.

Ideal for:

Architects, Structural Engineers, MEP Engineers

Find a better way to work using Autodesk Revit software. This suite, of leading Revit extensions, thinks of Revit users' needs and saves them lots of time on tasks that can be done automatically.

Suite presentation VIDEOS:

How to Simplify & Speed Up Architects’ Daily Tasks: 12 Essentials Revit Add-ons

How to Simplify & Speed Up Structural Engineers’ Daily Tasks: 8 Essentials Revit Add-ons

How to Simplify & Speed Up MEP Engineers’ Daily Tasks: 9 Essentials Revit Add-ons

Included plugins:

Revit apps

  • Dynamic Legend
    Create intelligent legends in Revit that you can update with one click.

  • Excel2R
    Import MS Excel spreadsheets into Revit projects, including style settings.

  • Quick Dimensions
    Automatically add dimensions to chosen elements, join isolated dimensions to a chain, etc.

  • RAS Manager
    Automate work in Revit with rooms, spaces, and area-measurement rules.

  • Floor Panel Layout
    Prefabricated floor panelling.

  • Smart Sheets
    Create and manage large numbers of sheets based on templates and sorting results.

  • Smart Walls
    Quickly manage walls and joins in Revit, insert gravity points, split walls by grids, and more.

  • Sort&Cope
    Cope trusses and beams with one click by types of connection or intersection.

  • Sort Mark
    Renumber any Revit elements and grids just the way you wish.

  • U-Value
    Calculate the overall heat transfer coefficient for walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, and foundation slabs in a Revit project.

Free Revit extensions

  • Cut Opening Free
    Create and edit holes wherever ducts, pipes, cable trays or conduits intersect walls, floors, roofs, or ceilings.

  • Smart Browser Free
    Find families in external libraries on your computer or server, check their types and parameters, view them in 2D or 3D, then drag-and-drop to add elements to your project.
  • Smart Select
    Select room/space elements by category, family or type, and network elements for any pipe or duct; plus custom filter. no more manual repetition or missed elements!

Both standalone and network license types of software licenses are available. User can easily migrate from standalone license type to network if additional NLM Annual Service was ordered.

Why is it worth buying the T4R Suite?

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Price for 1 standalone seat
  • 3 versions included: for Revit 2018, for Revit 2019, and for Revit 2020
  • All updates
  • Technical support
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