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Dynamic Legend step by step video tutorial

Preparation: Creating Sample Blocks (7:05 min.)

A video shows how to prepare sample blocks that will be used in making legends for any Revit category.

  • Step 1: Load Sample Annotations to the project
  • Step 2: Draw sample block for the future legends

Note: before using Dynamic Legend, download a sample project from the product eHelp page or open any your project.

Create Door Legend (4:10 min.)

A video shows how to make a door legend for doors that are used in the current Revit project.
  • Step 1: Select Sample Block
  • Step 2: Create Door Legend

Modify Door Legend Parameters (1:29 min.)

A video shows how to modify existing door legend parameters that was created with Dynamic Legend.
  • Step 1: Open legend view that has to be modified
  • Step 2: Select/Remove parameter with Dynamic Legend

Create Window Legend Using Vertical Design (3:19 min.)

A video shows how to create window legend using vertical design block.

  • Step 1: Open Vertical sample block that was created in the first video
  • Step 2: Create Window Legend

Split a Legend into Different Legend Views (2:01 min.)

  • Step 1: Open Legend view that has to be split
  • Step 2: Split a legend

In case you have any questions, please contact us support@aga-cad.com.

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