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Wood Framing Wall+ step by step video tutorial

Never used Wood Framing Wall+ before? Follow these simple steps to start working with Wall+ on your own projects.

Get Started Using Wood Framing Solution in Wall Framing Projects (7:43 min.)

This video will explain the prerequisites necessary to start working with Wood Framing Wall+ on your own projects. Create wall types and load schedule templates to save them in Revit® project template for later use.

  • Step 1: Create wall types
  • Step 2: Load Schedule templates

Wall Framing and Shop Drawing Creation (12:11 min.)

Steps to frame your wall and create workshop drawings in a project are presented in this video. There are also steps explaining how to create and use shop drawing template in a project.
  • Step 1: Linking framing configuration with wall types
  • Step 2: Workshop drawing configuration
  • Step 3: Framing walls
  • Step 4: Workshop drawing creation
  • Step 5: Set workshop drawing template in a project
  • Step 6: Frame all walls in a project
  • Step 7: Create workshop drawings for selected wall framing
Modification of Framed Walls (2:51 min.)

When walls are framed and there is a need to change something in framing setting this video will help you go through the steps you need to take to achieve that.
  • Step 1: Modify Wall framing
  • Step 2: Modify Opening framing
  • Step 3: Modify wall connections
  • Step 4: Align studs of different frames

Default Framing Configuration (3:54 min.)

Framing configuration is a function of Wall+ that allows users to set their own wall framing standard to their Wall+ projects.

    Introduction to Framing Configuration User Interface:
  • Step 1: Modify Wall Framing settings
  • Step 2: Save settings
  • Step 3: Linking saved configuration with wall types
  • Step 4: Update framed walls to new configuration

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