LOD 400 Modeling Automation in Revit®

Easy Detailed Modeling in Your Revit® Projects

Smart Details - New Efficiency Level Accomplished!

Smart Details enables easy detailed modeling in your Revit projects.

  • Line and point based elements (voids or solids), on any element, face according to defined rules.

  • Use easy to set up rules to define amount of elements and insertion points.

  • Insert, update or modify elements which are already inserted.

  • Insert elements according to gravity point.

  • Insert elements by available solid depth.

  • Insert details by priority to control on which surface details should be inserted.

      • Make your details smart – use parameters taken from your host elements, so you could automatically adjust size of your detail. In the example below, you can see that cut length was modified according to host element's (wall's) thickness automatically.

  • Insert, update or delete gravity point.


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