Smart Browser Manage helps Revit® users avoid headaches like:

How to find the Revit content in my computer by parameter name, value or version?
Can I group my more than 500 elements by the category and host, not just by names and folders?
How to change parameters of hundreds Revit families from my Revit library?
If I need to add additional parameter to the 100 Revit families, do I need to do it manually for each family?
How can I avoid mistakes while changing the families?
How to make sure that the families in the project would be always updated according to the families in the library?
How can I standardize type names for all families?

Designers spend a lot of time looking for the right families in the library. Smart Browser Manage finds Revit family files in seconds, reviews parameters with the families and shows the families in 3D. It allows analysis and decision making if the families would be loaded to the project.

Smart Browser Manage saves time when designers need to modify families from their libraries. Revit users make all changes (add parameters, modify parameter values, create new types etc.)manually one by one for every element. This software lets designers avoid long working hours and additional employment required to improve the content. At the same time designers will always be sure that there are no issues in the families that could be created by the user during manual changes. It lets designers focus and spend more time on actual designing and decision making work, rather than preparing and checking the content.

Smart Browser Manage ensures that families in the project will be updated according to the families from the library. The software has the ability to find differences between project and library families.

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