Revit® Family Search & Sort Utility

Smart Browser Simple / Power lets you easily find Revit families in external libraries on your computer or server, check their types and parameters, view them in 2D or 3D, and then drag-and-drop to add elements to your project.

Smart Browser is aimed at BIM Teams, who are using numerous Revit families in their Revit content libraries.

Smart Browser is a professional, easy-to-use Revit extension for fast implementation of Revit families from libraries located on user's computer or company server.

Ideal for:
BIM Teams
Quickly browse and easily find Revit families on user's local computer or company server and import them into a project.

See an overview of all 2D and 3D family views (using DWFX) before inserting into a project.

Review family types and parameters prior to insertion.

Revit families are listed in a "tree view" where they can be grouped by original folder, category, insertion type, or unit system.

How does it work?

Companies with many designers usually need a network license, so that's how our Smart Browser Power and Smart Browser Simple products are set up. Their network licenses allow user rights specification. For example, the network administrator can indicate that 10 out of 100 employees will be Smart Browser Power users while all the others will Smart Browser Simple users. (Simple provides has fewer features but helps avoid designers’ self-will when loading elements into a project.)

  • Create shared content for a company
  • Constantly uploads new families to a content library
  • Can delete families from content library
  • Search and use needed content for a project
  • Search and use needed content for a project
  • Load family into a project
  • Load family to a project
  • Compare and update projects if content library is changed
  • Compare and update projects if content library is changed
  • Can use BOTH:
    • Company library AND
    • Own library
  • Can use ONLY:
    • Company library

If you need to manage user installation and modify many Revit families in your projects, we suggest our powerful BIM solution Smart Browser Manage. With it, you can search, review, insert, modify, or add new families quickly and easily:



  • Time Saving Smart Browser reduces the amount of time spent searching through your families by 50% or more allowing you to create more projects and earn more money in less time.
  • Easy to Use No special training necessary.


- - Just what Revit Needs - Gareth Spencer.
Nice tool to have simple to use, easy to install. Allows the user to see the parameter data from the family, load into your project and even open the family editor. The only thing I would say when creating the dwf's it takes a little while if you have selected a lot of families, but other than that it’s a great tool.
- - Must have APP! - Carlos Vieira.
This tool gives much more value to the everyday work of any user of Revit. Truly recommend.

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