BIM software for batched parameter control and content sharing

Smart Browser is an advanced solution for quality control of BIM projects and BIM content. Users gain full control of Revit project-parameter and family-parameter change processes in a way that makes it easy to spot and avoid mistakes and do changes batched. High quality content can be shared within the BIM teams.

Compatible with Autodesk® Revit® 2017, 2018, 2019

Smart Browser for TeamsSmart Browser for Managers

  • Ability to quickly and easily browse and find Revit families on user's local computer or company server and import them into a project;
  • Ability to quickly upload and delete families from Revit content server;
  • Overview of all 2D and 3D family views (using DWFX) before inserting it into the project;
  • Allows overview of family types and parameters prior to insertion;
  • Revit families are listed in a "tree view" where they can be grouped by original folders, categories, insertion types, or unit systems.
  • Ability to quickly and easily browse and find Revit families on user's local computer or company server and import them into a project;
  • Ability to reach teams' content, inspect it, fix it and publish a current edition for your team;
  • Ability to modify Revit families batched: Add new parameters, change, change parameter values, create new types, standardize names;
  • Easily find, check and modify relevant Revit project data and geometry with no need to lose time creating long lists of standard Autodesk® Revit® schedules;
  • Possibility to pack the information into Sets for delivery to the next BIM stage.
Webinar: Sharing Revit® Content in a BIM Team

Developed in compliance with standards and guidelines:

bSa BIM Project Execution Planning Guide
U.K. Construction Project Information Committee (CPIc)
AIA Document E202–2008: Building Information Modeling Protocol
NIBS COBie Standards
BIMForum Level of Development (LOD) Specification
National BIM Standard-United States
ISO 29481-1:2010 (BIM Information Delivery Manual: Methodology and Format)
ISO 29481-2:2012 (BIM Information Delivery Manual: Interaction Framework)
ISO/TS 12911:2012 (Framework for building information modelling guidance)

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