Revit® Turbocharger for Steel Frame Roofs

Fully-featured Metal Roof Framing add-on for Revit

Metal Framing Roof+ is designed to take your roof framing project all the way from conceptual design to shop drawings.

  • Quick roof framing development. With Roof+, you can immediately prepare a project for framing simply by defining the structure of roof framing by Revit® roof types.
  • Configure according to your own standards. Set up and save your own configurations and standards for different roof framing options. It’s easy to define configurations, just go through them from top to bottom. It might take a few minutes for more complex settings, but once you’re done you can use them for any upcoming project.
  • All main frame types. For your convenience, all the most popular framing types are already uploaded into Metal Framing Roof+. All types will be adjusted according to roof layer thickness as required.
  • Lots of modification capabilities. Each framing element can be modified individually, and many different modification options are at your disposal. You can easily insert additional bridging or blocking anywhere it’s needed.

  • Details on bridging, blocking, and rim joist are available. Metal Framing Roof+ users can automatically insert metal supports or support clips. Sample families are included in the software, but you can use your own custom families too.

  • Fast documentation. With Metal Framing Roof+, you can quickly and easily generate shop drawings and configure shop drawing templates. After roof panels are framed, shop drawings are already almost prepared. The software will collect all frames from the roof segment and make an assembly containing all required views. Elements will be dimensioned, sorted, tagged, and scheduled, and mass will be calculated for each element of the assembly.
  • Automatic sorting and dimensioning. Get automatically dimensioned, tagged, and sorted metal roof frames with just one click.
  • Automatic sheet creation. Assembly views and schedules can be placed onto sheets according to your predefined template for all roof panels.
  • Effortless roofing generation. Roofing or other external finishes can be easily generated.

  • Easy updating of created framing. Choose an element that needs to be edited and select a corresponding function. The user-friendly UI will guide you through the modification process.
  • Shortcuts enable easy selection of preferred elements, quick modification access, and joist alignment in one or multiple frames, etc.
  • All frames can be exported to any CNC machine if needed.


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