BIM software for effective design of fire sprinkler systems

Fire Protection Design and Integration

Fire Sprinklers (previously named Smart Sprinklers) provides a set of tools for MEP engineering process and data analysis. It is useful for MEP engineers and sprinkler fire protection system designers who work under different standards (ex. ISO, NFPA, AS). This software automatically makes head placement maps and layouts for each zone, and analyses the whole pipe system.

Fire Sprinklers solution has integrated clash detection functionality that allows finding interference in a space between element types or the whole fire protection system.

  • Allows designers to quickly distribute sprinklers in the BIM model with a real time interference checking.
  • Possibility to define coverage area of sprinklers and minimum distance to walls.

  • Automatically routs pipe from sprinklers to the distribution pipes.
  • Works with Upright and Pendant sprinkler types.
  • Customizable routing rules allow connecting sprinkler directly to taps or fittings (ex. BlazeMaster® fittings). There is a possibility to make predefined sprinkler pipe length.
  • Customizable routing rules allow user to choose connections from the most popular connections all over the world.
  • Automatically pre-calculates diameters for range and distribution pipes by different standards (ISO, AS, NFPA, etc). Our solution is using .txt files, where user can describe pipe diameter in accordance to number of sprinklers connected in a row. Please find this bellow:
  • Automatically pre-calculates constant diameters of range pipes in consideration of total number of sprinklers on a range.

  • Values of default parameters for sprinkler planning, pipe sizing and pipe routing types: “Sprinkler-to-Range Pipe", “Range Pipe-to-Distribution Pipe" are based on standards of ISO, AS, NFPA, etc.
  • Default parameters are easily customizable by building and saving different routing and sizing configurations.


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