Air System Design & Image-to-Data Scans

For optimal HVAC system design

Smart Diffusers provides a set of tools for MEP engineering process & analysis processes.

  • Adds an unlimited number of engineering parametric equations, which define the relationship between main HVAC parameters, to Revit MEP families.

  • Every parametric equation (graph) has a priority which allows automatically flowing data from one graph to another in predefined way.

  • Allows designers to easily calculate n-dimensional HVAC parameters due to fully integrated “function compositions” feature in Revit families.

  • Includes special workflow to define air flow conditions in a space.

  • Smart families can be used in any project or distributed by web or network without any additional files.
  • Automatically updates n-dimensional parameters of all air terminals and accessories (fittings) in the project.

  • Automatically distributes air terminals in the space in predefined way.
  • Easy way to find optimal type of smart air terminals.
  • Includes smart Revit families of diffusers, grilles and dampers as examples of how to build intelligent Revit MEP objects. Smart families in metric and imperial units are based on the manufacturer's data.


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