Air System Design & Image-to-Data Scans

Smart Diffusers is cutting-edge BIM software for ventilation systems with the unique ability to read data in manufacturer images (.pdf or .jpg), then combine that with project criteria in real time to model the optimal types, numbers, and physical distributions of air terminal devices for any space.

  • Transfer engineering information from logarithmic graphs to Revit families
  • Work all visual formats (*.JPG, *.PNG, *.PDF, etc.)
  • Ability to work with any ventilation family (silencers, air terminals, AHU, VAV, etc.) that requires logarithmic graphs
  • Distribution of Air Terminals through spaces by predefined rules (spacing between elements, placement heigt, minimum distance from wall, etc.)
  • Calculation of required Air Terminals per Space with respect to maximum sound level

Smart Diffusers is useful for MEP engineers and those who work with ventilation system's designs and different family creation (air terminals, silencer, elbows, fire dumpers etc.). This BIM solution could be useful for Revit family creators, who want to have parameterized family library with logarithmic graphs and automated calculations of any parameters according to different manufacturers' data. Smart Diffusers could be useful for ventilation system planners and contractors because this application will help you to distribute air terminals in spaces with different geometries and to find most suitable air diffuser type for such spaces with all your needed parameters.

Compatible with Autodesk® Revit®, Revit® Architecture / Structure / MEP, Building Design Suite.

Smart Diffusers helps MEP engineers, modellers, BIM managers to work with correct families that come from manufacturers for the ventilation system design process. Using its possibilities user no longer has to distribute elements and calculate engineering information manually. Smart Diffusers is exclusive software because of its ability to transfer information from graphical to numerical form. Using these special families you will be able to distribute and find optimal diffuser type for exact spaces.

Smart Diffusers has a feature that inserts manufacturers created logarithmic graphs and scans them. All the information is transferred from graphical form to numerical form very easily. Using “Smart Families", you can work with elements that correspond to reality. You will be able to distribute such elements in spaces using predefined rules. Distribution is based on the information from logarithmic graphs as well. Using such families you can distribute and find optimal diffuser type in space at hand. It doesn't pose any kind of difficulties while making changes in the project, because solution has automatic update functionality.

The ability to transfer information from graphical form to numerical will extend your Revit possibilities. You will be able to use any kind of manufacturer's data, which will be closest to the manufacturer's specified data. This information can be used for foundation of real number of ventilation elements in the spaces. You can add as much parameters and logarithmic graphs as you want, and Smart Diffusers solution will follow them in accordance with priority feature. This can help you find such simple parameters as flow or pressure as well as any required parameters from manufacturers' charts.

The software is based on information transfer from graphical to numerical form. The JPG or PDF files are transferred to the Revit environment and are scanned to retrieve true values represented in the graph. After the scan, your family will have a chart according which all further calculations will be made. Such families can be distributed using predefined rules of height distribution, distances between elements, distance to walls and much more. Using space supply and exhaust air properties, Smart Diffusers solution will calculate number of required air terminals with some limitations (for example maximum sound level).

Ideal for:

MEP Engineers / Ventilation system designers

No need to use catalogues of ventilation products. All information is collected in project.

Ventilation production companies

Faster and more precise Revit Family creation.

Powerful features:


Fast Air Terminal distribution through Spaces. Family Type selection in just a few mouse clicks. Flexibility:

Store any manufacturer’s data from catalogues in your Revit library

Supports all Ventilation families

Distributes elements in any shaped spaces


Families made with Smart Diffusers can be shared with colleagues. All information remains in the families, not the software.


Project based families are changing inner parameters instantly. For example: if Air Terminal changes its Air Flow, the rest elements such as silencers or fire dampers will change their Pressure Drop values.

Compatible with BIM software Autodesk® Revit®, Autodesk® Revit® Architecture, Revit® MEP.



  • Smart Modeling. Smart Diffusers allows users to find the optimal type of Air Terminals and quickly calculates the number of elements needed in the space.
  • Reduction of Errors. You can avoid mistakes due to extension’s features that allow you to calculate the correct number and find the optimal type of MEP objects. All calculations are always up-to-date.
  • Analysis. Find optimal type and number of MEP objects according to the various criterions.
  • Speed. Created relationship between main HVAC elements allows you to work faster, because the application automatically updates all air terminals and accessory parameters in the project.
  • Newest families and parameters from manufacturers catalogues (air terminals, duct elbows, silencers etc.).
  • Up to 5 times faster distribution of elements
  • Optimal diffuser type search
  • Possibility to make changes in the project
  • 3 times faster creation of families and their parameters

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