Versatile Rule-Based Object Placement

Autodesk® Revit® extension Insert Elements provides a powerful set of tools to insert elements into predefined project locations.

  • Revit family insertion into predefined project locations
    Insert Elements helps users to quickly insert architectural, structural or mechanical elements (Furniture, Lighting Fixtures, Mechanical Equipment, Structural Connections, Areas, etc.) by using built-in and fully customizable rules into predefined positions that are logically related with other objects. A database of rules can be easily extended upon request by Autodesk Revit users.
  • Revit family distribution into selected room or spaces
    The Project Family Browser feature allows you to see all available project elements in a convenient dialog, and Drag-and-drop functionality allows you to easily place family elements into the Revit project.
  • Insert Ceiling Based Revit families
    Lamps are inserted into all the ceilings in living rooms. Vertical location of the lighting equipment will be in the room location point.
  • Insert Model Sample with Face Based Revit families
    Sample with Face Based (Hangers, Supports) elements. Hangers are attached to Ducts top face.
  • Insertion rules
    Element (for example, wall based electrical switch) will be added to the model with predefined elevation from the main element (for example, door).
  • Insertion rule Start/End Offset
    Revit Family will be distributed at predefined distance from Line Based Elements (like Beams, Cable Trays, Ducts, etc.) Start or/and End points.
  • Insertion rule Insert at Start/End
    You can use this function when the element has to be additionally inserted at Start, End or Start & End positions. The setting comes from rule configuration - “Configure”.
  • Insertion rule Layout indicates how the element will be distributed. The setting comes from rule configuration - “Configure”.

Possible values:

      • Fixed Distance – element will be distributed at a fixed distance.
      • Fixed Number –fixed number of elements will be distributed.
      • Fixed Distance or Fixed Number values will come from Layout Value.
  • Justification value determines the placement of the element. Each subsequent element is placed at a fixed distance from that point. The setting comes from rule configuration - “Configure”.
  • Insert Ceiling and Point Based Revit Family
    You can insert two Ceiling and Point Based Elements into your model at once.
  • Insert Wall Based Revit Family
    Radiators are inserted under the windows (family name=“Single1” and “Window (two parts)”) that are in level A3 with elevation of 200 mm.
  • Insert Line Based Revit Family
    You can insert plinth into bathrooms, WC, WC with showers, etc.
  • Insert Wall/Face based element
    Electrical switches are inserted near the “Simple1” doors (Elevation=1000 mm, Horizontal Offset=200 mm, on the door handle side) that swing into bedrooms in level 3.
  • Face Based Revit MEP families
    Hangers/Supports are attached on Ducts top face.
  • Face based structural connections are inserted into structural framing start and end faces.
  • Drag-and-drop
    Project Family Browser – opens the browser with families from the current project. Convenient dialog allows you to filter/find elements and using drag-and-drop put them into the model.
  • Insert Gravity Points
    Adds user created element (generic models category) to selected elements that shows gravity center.
  • Insert as Virtual Group in Room/Space - Inserts elements as Virtual Group in the Room/Space with different boundaries.

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