Insert Elements helps Revit® users avoid headaches like:

Do I need to manually insert different radiator types under the windows in the entire project? Arch, MEP
Do I need to manually insert electrical switches near the doors? Arch, MEP
How to insert cove base or crown molding in my selected rooms? Do I have to do it manually? Arch
Do I need to manually insert ceiling based elements (lighting fixtures) in to my selected rooms? Arch, MEP
How can I insert furniture into my project a lot quicker? Arch
How to attach hangers to ducts or pipes a lot faster? MEP
How can I automatically split ducts or pipes by predefined distance? MEP
Do I need to manually insert structural connections to columns or framings? Str
How to find my elements in the project a lot quicker? Arch, MEP, Str
How can I distribute many elements (furniture, lighting fixtures, sprinklers, etc.) in Rooms or Spaces with different geometry? Arch, MEP, Str

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