BIM software to create precision openings for MEP services and building structures

Integrated Design and Creation of Holes
  • Cut Opening uses element clash report straight from Revit. It reads external .html file where all necessary information is written – information about two clashing elements, their elevations and coordinates. After review and some changes, it saves clashes in xml file for the future work.
  • MEP engineer forms an .XML file with all the data inside, which is required to insert openings into architectural or structural file. Architect or structural engineer inserts openings with just one click. Architects or structural engineers can accept or decline openings if needed.
  • This BIM solution inserts openings according Revit® “Interference Check Data” results. Cut Opening supports all line based MEP elements (Ducts, Pipes, Cable Trays and Conduits) as well as structural elements (Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Roofs, Beams and Columns).
  • Cut Opening has predefined configurations of openings’ shapes, sizes, joining offsets that are dependent on MEP elements size.
  • This application is divided into segments to fit all users’ needs. One user could define different configurations for different MEP element categories and system classifications. Cut Opening supports element categories and system classifications:
    • Duct:
      • Rectangular;
      • Round;
      • Oval;
    • Pipe:
      • Fire Protection (Supports Fire Protection Dry, Fire Protection Other, Fire protection Pre-Action and Fire Protection Wet system classifications);
      • Plumbing (Supports Domestic Cold Water and Domestic Hot Water system classifications);
      • Sanitary (Supports Sanitary and Vent system classifications);
      • Hydronic (Supports Hydronic Supply and Hydronic Return system classifications;
      • Other (Supports Other and all additionally created system classifications;
    • Cable tray;
    • Conduit.
  • Cut Opening lets user define offsets of openings depending on element size, category and system classification.
  • Cut Opening lets user define joining distance between several openings depending on element size, category and system classification.
  • Cut Opening works with linked files. Architectural/structural project can be linked to MEP project or MEP project can be linked to architectural/structural project.
  • Cut Opening creates openings for Structural Framing category

  • Cut Opening works with IFC files. MEP objects can be link imported into current Revit model where real elements are placed.
  • Cut Opening enables users to conveniently control openings. Revit elements are conveniently grouped together in a tree where user can filter them by any configurable criterion, such as category, level or other parameter.
  • Cut Opening enables users to inspect model using dynamic section boxes, see the elements in model by selecting the rows in dialog window, see elements by ID, isolate, hide, etc.
  • Automatically inserts Fire Dampers where ducts clash with walls, floors, ceilings or roofs with fire rating.
  • Cut Opening inserts Structural Openings to structural walls in case when architectural walls, windows and doors are separated from the structural walls.


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