Automatic Creation of Openings in Revit® and Collision Detection

Cut Opening (previous product name Cut Opening Pro) manages the creation of openings in Revit where ducts, pipes, cable trays or conduits intersect floors, walls, roofs, ceilings, beams, and columns. Application uses Revit® "Interference Check" results for opening creation. This BIM solution's ability to insert, modify, update openings in a fast and easy way is an essential need for every Revit user. Cut Opening is exclusive because it automatically detects and adds openings for different categories. Openings can be added according to MEP elements that come from the current, linked or IFC files.

Cut Opening solution is useful to any companies which work in civil, structural and architectural spheres. Cut Opening expedites collision detection and holes cutting processes that are aimed for architects, structural and MEP engineers.

Cut Opening easily and automatically cuts holes in the places where MEP Ducts, Pipes, Cable traces or Conduits intersect walls, floors, roofs, beams, columns or ceilings. Users don't need to spend time on finding collisions and adding openings manually. Users are be able to filter openings that are on specific walls, floors, roofs, columns, beams or ceilings and check if the openings are really created or should be updated. It saves time, increases performance and prevents user from making mistakes.

Using Cut Opening BIM solution users can find collisions of Revit elements from the current, linked or IFC files. Such collisions can be filtered and grouped according to the category, level or other parameters. User can change the offset and shape of openings before inserting it to the model. After pressing one click the software creates all openings. If there are any changes in the structural or MEP models, Cut Opening updates openings automatically. Cut Opening shows the state of changes as if they are deleted, created, create new, change host, change position, change dimension, change shape. Cut Opening dialog works like external application, so there is no need to close and open the dialog every time. All modification and additional insertions happen in real time.

Compatible with BIM software Autodesk® Revit®, Autodesk® Revit® Architecture, Revit® Structure, Revit® MEP.



  • Time-Saving Modeling Process. Engineers can save time by instantly inserting hundreds of openings into their Revit model. For example, the user finds position and adds 5 openings manually in 1min. User can spend the same time adding 500 openings for filtered elements using Cut Opening.
  • Easy Control Process. All openings are grouped together in one covenant dialog where user can apply different filters. Automated navigator and automated section box allow seeing elements where the openings are or will be created.
  • Error Prevention. If there are any changes in the model, Cut Opening updates openings and allows user to avoid mistakes and control all design process.
  • Revit users will save hundreds of hours per project using Cut Opening automation of routine functions and through early identification of design errors.


- Daniel John Davies, ICT / BIM Coordinator at Balslev Consulting Engineers A/S, Denmark.
This tool is good value for money and a big time saver. I would say that it has already paid for its self on the first project. Approx 800 holes in concrete prefab elements and floors for Electrical, water and ventilation models.
- Edgardo J. Lopez, Industrial Sprinkler Corp., Puerto Rico.
Outstanding tool. Made my day... 'cause it is easy to use and when I run the Interference check (either in Revit or Clash detective in Navis) saves time due to unnecessary clarifications and acceptance of these clashes. Thanks for this tool that thinks in our needs as designers!
- Ágúst N. Jónsson, Construction Architect & BIM consultant at Verkís Consulting Engineers, Iceland.
I am really happy with this product and looking forward to see more.
Reads Revit® “Interference Check Data”
Insert/Modify MEP Openings
Cut Openings in Linked Projects
User Interface enables users to conveniently control openings
Opening Shape
View elements
Isolate/Show elements
Automatically creates openings data table
Opening Data Export to MS Excel
Join Revit Openings
Unjoin Openings
Insert Structural Openings
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