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February 02, 2016 by Renata Jočienė

Hello there! Today we introduce you a sizeable update release that is relevant to all wood-frame house designers. Here are some of the changes in our BIM solution Wood Framing Wall+ you should know about:

1. The latest versions of Wood Framing Wall+ from now support Curved Wall.

Similar feature is already added to another our BIM solution, Metal Framing Wall+.
If you would like to use metal Top and Bottom Plates please read more about this application update in our Blog Post:

February 01, 2016 by Inga Ibenienė

In February 1st AGACAD team celebrates company’s 25th anniversary, since the company’s establishment in 1991.

For these 25 years the company went through a major transformation, becoming one of BIM application development leaders that have the widest range of Autodesk® Revit® applications and features world-wide. From reselling Autodesk software and two employees 25 years ago to more than 30 developed applications for Autodesk Revit and more than 20 team members today, AGACAD has evolved into a trusted name in memory of Revit users in 129 countries around the world.

It has been 25 years of creation, education and innovation, in which Revit® community supporters, clients, and partners have helped the company to become as it is today. While celebrating this anniversary, we thank you for being with us through these years and that you encourage us to move forward! We are looking forward to sharing AGACAD’s success with all of you in the future too.

Today we are proud to share our 25 years of the main achievements:

September 15, 2015 by Inga Ibenienė

We're glad to announce that we are exhibiting at the Scandinavia's largest conference on timber industry – the 4th Forum Wood Building Nordic on the 24-25 September at Linnaeus University in Växjö, Sweden. It is the major conference on wood building and timber construction in the Nordic countries.

AGACAD and AEC, which is an official distributor of AGACAD products in Scandinavia, work closely to ensure efficiency of wood building design providing BIM solutions for Revit® users. Together we will present functionality of Wood Framing Suite, our BIM solution package that is the only true BIM software for total-precision framing of timber constructions in Revit.

Time and place

Date: 24-25 September 2015
Location: Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden
Stand: 37


This year's keynote theme is “competition and competence: how can we reach a higher level?” New ways of wood building industry, different roles and professions in the designing process, new possibilities of Building Information Modelling, efficient housing design – this is only a small part of topics that will be discussed during this conference.

June 15, 2015 by Inga Ibenienė

We announce that from now on all AGACAD TOOLS4BIM products support compatibility with both Autodesk® Revit® 2016 as well as the previous Revit 2015.

The main novelty of the 2016 version edition – it contains the installer that is a very convenient new platform for tool installation, activation and management named TOOLS4BIM Dock. All AGACAD TOOLS4BIM trials and purchased licenses are acceptable through this platform now. All functionality of our tools will be the same as before except the interface will be different.

May 22, 2015 by Gitana Černiauskienė

Compact access to all AGACAD TOOLS4BIM product management directly from your workstation – closer than ever

Eliminating the tasks that do not bring value

Take the pain out of managing AGACAD TOOLS4BIM applications:
Simply upload your tools for Revit® and always work with up-to-date versions, try out other AGACAD products, get the newest information and help – all of this is just a few mouse clicks away.

What Dock Is and Why It’s Worth to Use

TOOLS4BIM Dock is a new interactive window in Autodesk® Revit® that you can use to access and manage all AGACAD developed Revit apps and BIM solutions. This tool manager is very practical and a powerful way to simplify Revit apps installation, activation and usage.

Install Any or All Products at Once

Formerly, by the previous AGACAD product installation procedure, each tool for Revit had to be installed and activated separately. Moreover, Revit user had to keep in mind to close Revit before installing procedure. It is now possible to easily install any desired product or all of them at once. It is also very simple to activate tools: you just have to click the Activate button. No more serial numbers but activation codes instead.

Big BIM Solution Layers in a Compact Environment

Previously all the Revit apps were visible in the Revit ribbon separately, each as a special menu tab. AGA CAD owns over 30 applications for Revit so you can imagine how long the ribbon can be... Now all tools are visible in the TOOLS4BIM Dock dashboard, the TOOLS 4 BIM tab is only placed in the Revit Ribbon. You can easily show Dock or hide it from this tab:

The TOOLS4BIM Dock works as a separate window likewise does the Properties palette or the Project Browser in Revit. Position of the Dock window can be changed along the user wishes: you can place Dock dialog to any Revit workplace, the same as with Properties or Project Browser window (on the left/right side of the screen, move to a second monitor or simply deactivate view):

May 07, 2015 by Inga Ibenienė
Attention! Webinar has ended but its recording is now available!
If you want to watch the recorded version of the webinar please contact us by email and we'll send you a record link.

Do you know how to save time on framing Autodesk® Revit® model? How to frame multilayer wall panels using custom main frames, vertical or horizontal nailers, vertical, horizontal or mixed sidings? How to easily control complex multilayer connections between walls?

There are more questions important to timber frame building designers, architects and structural engineers: How to create complex truss system according to my roof shape? How to frame wood floor system that includes wood framing, subfloor panels, and floor finish materials such as hardwood? How to easily make shop drawings or export data to CNC machine? And finally: how to build a log house using BIM model in the right way?

We would like to show you how to change the way you work, so you have more time on making decisions. Look how an ideal BIM workflow happens using AGACAD Wood Framing Suite: quickly create your model in Revit, export it to Autodesk® Robot, analyze it and make required changes, then export it back to Revit where you can create shop drawings etc.

All this easy transition from 3D model to BIM process and BIM data delivery to all (designers, manufacturers, builders) will be shown in our Free Webinar:

Wood Framing in Revit®

Via All BIM Processes: from Design to Manufacturing and Construction

FREE WEBINAR Live on Thu, 21 May

This webinar will help you to discover wood framing design techniques that minimize frame modeling issues and highlight BIM workflow tips that improve project quality, design flexibility and productivity.

February 04, 2015 by Renata Jočienė

Some time ago we gave you a few examples of how our clients' requests can become improvements of AGACAD products. Thanks for all of you who contributed by giving us advices on how to improve our products or just expressing you wishes for Revit productivity increase.

The newest case of our client's impact in AGACAD software development is related to our BIM solution Smart Assemblies. Our team released an updated version of this application for Autodesk® Revit® at the end of January. Do you know what functionality has been included? We have added Rebar Mass calculation to Smart Assemblies. Our loyal client Jason Wallis from Hanssen Pty Ltd Drafting Office who is the enthusiastic user of this solution for Revit, has sent us a request on December 3, 2014:

"I remember seeing in one of the latest updates for Smart Assemblies a new feature that calculates the mass/weight of all the elements inside the assembly. Does this also work for rebar?
In the past, I've created a 'calculated value' parameter for rebar weight for each shop drawing, which I have had to manually add to every drawing. If it's now possible to create a schedule that will report the mass/weight of the rebar automatically, I'd love to know how to do it."

January 12, 2015 by Gintaris Aksomitas

Many BIM software users know that with the BIM model they can easily prepare shop drawings (plans, elevations, sections, element legends and schedules). BIM model allows you to save a lot of time in the preparation of project documentation: BIM software automatically or semi-automatically forms lists of project elements, performs their numbering, grouping, prepares shop drawings. Wide potentials of various BIM technologies reduce the need for project data export to other software, which sort and optimize the quantity of elements or form the project estimates.

However, many designers stop at the BIM model creation, and preparation of project shop drawings, although BIM software provides much more possibilities. Most of them equate concepts of BIM workflow and BIM model therefore they don't seize all BIM possibilities to the utmost. BIM model is just a 3D model with all its data, and the BIM process does not end with BIM model creation. So, what's next? How to extend the BIM model usage to manufacturing and building, in order to increase the benefits of BIM technology? The answer - you need as far as possible to extend usage of the opportunities that the BIM model possibilities provide.

In this article, I will give you an example of how to fully use the BIM model.

December 18, 2014 by Inga Ibenienė

We kindly welcome all Revit® Architecture and Revit® Structure users to our FREE WEBINAR on quick and professional modeling and making of shop drawings of wood roof & wall framing. During this webinar you'll see how much time will be saved using our BIM applications for timber framing in Autodesk® Revit®. Main themes:

  • easy ways to make wooden roof or wall frames including openings, bracings, noggins and other supporting frames;
  • updating frames with specific configuration;
  • sorting frame elements;
  • making shop drawings of created wall frames.

We kindly welcome all Revit® Architecture and Revit® Structure users to our FREE WEBINAR on quick and professional modeling and making of shop drawings of wood roof & wall framing.

Wood Wall Framing & Workshop Drawings in Revit®

Live on Thursday, 15 January 2015

During this webinar you'll see how much time will be saved using our BIM applications for timber framing in Autodesk® Revit®. Main themes:

December 18, 2014 by Gitana Černiauskienė

AGACAD offers both network and standalone license types of software licenses. Software with standalone licensing allows users to install the software on a single workstation (1 license = 1 computer) without the need to be connected to a company network.

Network licensing helps software user to ensure his/her own access to the right product at the right time, and it enables easy and efficient control of software use. Another customer's benefit – the only fixed annual fee (valid for 12 months) is applied for a company but not per license.

Network license can be installed on as many computers as desired; however, at any one time, only the maximum number of computers, which is specified in the licenses, can run the software. The Network License Manager (NLM), installed on one or more servers, controls the distribution of particular product licenses to the users.

Based on our experience, AGACAD customers need to have the most effective licensing model to fit their operation rules. Therefore we improved the licensing models. Now AGACAD provides NLM Annual Service that enables current SLM licenses' migration to NLM licenses and vice versa.

Thank you.

If you have not been contacted within 24 hours, please check your Junk folder.

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