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February 23, 2015 by Renata Jočienė

We are very happy to announce that timber floor frame design in Autodesk® Revit® can now be done easier than ever. To help you further increase your framed building design efficiency, we have completed our Wood Framing product package with the latest AGA CAD application for Revit.

Our long developed and accurately improved BIM solution Wood Framing Floor+ finally saw the light of day and it is officially released now.

From model to shop drawings

New BIM software for wooden floor framing provides a set of intuitive tools for wood-frame floor system modeling and automatic generation of its shop drawings. Wood Framing Floor+ helps Revit users automatically generate floor's light-frame wood structures, including framing members such as joists, battens, bridgings, blockings, bracings, rims and flooring for a timber framed building model.

Floor framing process needs to be flexible to accommodate to typical and non-typical projects. This BIM solution allows quick and easy frame out of any type of wooden frame floor. Floor modeling tools are versatile and easily customizable. The software automatically generates shop drawings that will be automatically updated according to model or framing changes.

All in one: design evaluation, speed, completeness
February 04, 2015 by Renata Jočienė

Some time ago we gave you a few examples of how our clients' requests can become improvements of AGACAD products. Thanks for all of you who contributed by giving us advices on how to improve our products or just expressing you wishes for Revit productivity increase.

The newest case of our client's impact in AGACAD software development is related to our BIM solution Smart Assemblies. Our team released an updated version of this application for Autodesk® Revit® at the end of January. Do you know what functionality has been included? We have added Rebar Mass calculation to Smart Assemblies. Our loyal client Jason Wallis from Hanssen Pty Ltd Drafting Office who is the enthusiastic user of this solution for Revit, has sent us a request on December 3, 2014:

"I remember seeing in one of the latest updates for Smart Assemblies a new feature that calculates the mass/weight of all the elements inside the assembly. Does this also work for rebar?
In the past, I've created a 'calculated value' parameter for rebar weight for each shop drawing, which I have had to manually add to every drawing. If it's now possible to create a schedule that will report the mass/weight of the rebar automatically, I'd love to know how to do it."

January 22, 2015 by Renata Jočienė

AGA CAD team inserted new features to RAS Manager for architects. Now architects will be able to calculate the total window/door area in each room and use this parameter for tagging and scheduling. Additionally, possibilities to calculate floor altitude and floor rough altitude were created. This can help architects find each layer elevation and use this calculated parameter in scheduling and tagging as well.

So what's new in Revit® plugin RAS Manager?

January 08, 2015 by Renata Jočienė

Few weeks ago we informed you about the new Metal Framing Wall+ version release. This BIM solution was enriched by few new features that allow Revit users to make framing tasks faster and more precisely.

Almost simultaneously, our team has released a new version of the correlative BIM solution Wood Framing Wall+. The new Wood Framing Wall+ v2015.3 and v2014.4 release also includes several new features that I'm going to describe in this post.

By the way, I sincerely recommend you to join our upcoming webinar on January 15, 2015. During this webinar you'll see how much time will be saved making timber frame building models in Autodesk® Revit® using our BIM solutions. Webinar attendees will have a chance to see live how updated Wood Framing Wall+ simplifies workflow of Revit Architecture/Structure users.

Now you can read what's new in Wood Framing Wall+ v2015.3 and v2014.4:

January 06, 2015 by Renata Jočienė

The three Wise Men have brought good news for all Revit Architecture and Revit Structure users: new BIM solution is coming soon! Our team is currently making final testing on our newest BIM solution Metal Framing Rafter+ that provides a set of intuitive tools for roof framing and automatic generation of shop drawings.

We've got many requests to make a full package of Metal Framing Suite, therefore new product Metal Framing Rafter+ was created and it will complete our Metal Framing product package soon. We expect that in few upcoming weeks it will be released. Powerful new solution Metal Framing Rafter+ automatically generates light-gauge steel framing members of any roof shape including openings. It will help Revit users automatically generate all required metal roof members, select suitable wall-roof connection types, update all structure changes and automatically generate shop drawings.

This BIM solution is designed for making an easy roof framing completion and element scheduling. We can guarantee that this solution will save you a lot of time so it is worth to wait for the upcoming product. Stay tuned and we'll be in touch regarding Metal Framing Rafter+ again very soon!

December 23, 2014 by Renata Jočienė

Our team has finished one of the last tasks of this year and released an update for Metal Framing Wall+ that is one of the most powerful BIM solutions for framing in Autodesk Revit models. Customized to clients' needs, this Wall+ update has been released last week, just before the festive season.

Metal Framing Wall+ empowers framed building designers, architects and structural engineers to automate the modelling, clash detection & manufacturing of light gauge steel framing including shop drawings, cut lists, optional CNC export (to Howick, Metroll, etc.) and more. This application for Revit Architecture / Structure users helps solving their headaches, increase productivity and helps finishing their projects on time, on budget and at the highest quality.

Metal Framing Wall+ gives more profit and time, furthermore, it ensures modelling and documentation of the metal frame with less stress. This BIM solution is packed with really clever features and functions to automate the design of your steel buildings and make your life easier.

Metal Framing Wall+ v2015.4 and v2014.4 – what's new:

December 12, 2014 by Renata Jočienė

Few of our clients who use our Revit® add-on Excel2R faced with a problem of data transfer importing Excel® spreadsheets to Autodesk® Revit® project. When they import the data, text boxes cause the text to go below each other even though it doesn't reflect the same way in the original Excel document for import. Please see below images showing samples of imported tables in Revit with the unacceptable results:

Thank you.

If you have not been contacted within 24 hours, please check your Junk folder.

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