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January 19, 2015 by Asta Aksomitienė

Attention! Webinar record is available!
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Autodesk_Revit_workshop_Smart Assemblies_Sheets (Custom)Building designers often lose a lot of time preparing technical documentation of their projects. We know this challenge very well and thus are creating solutions that help designers to find easy ways to resolve their issues. Our BIM solution Smart Assemblies is very helpful Revit®-based software that allows structural engineers and architects to easily create professional shop drawings and save hundreds hours of work.

We highly recommend all building designers to join our free webinar and learn how to prepare shop drawings by automatically generating sections and elevations, complete with dimensions and descriptions.


How to Efficiently Create Accurate Shop Drawings in Revit®

Live on Thursday, 29 January 2015

During this 45 min session you'll see how to:

December 18, 2014 by Asta Aksomitienė

Those who constantly follow AGACAD activities have already noticed that the company, founded as far back as 1991, changed its entire visual identity at the end of the 2014 year.

Why did the company decide to change?

Old AGA CAD logo >

AGA CAD was founded over two decades ago. Almost ten years ago it started Autodesk software extension developing. Over the past few years, the company has significantly increased its products' supply for designers working in AEC fields. Gradually the company is ripe for changes.

At the beginning of 2014 the company's management was fully determined on the company's brand alterations. There was a search for the most acceptable AGACAD branding, brand positioning questions have also been solved.

The changes affected not only the company's brand, but also part of the product names, customer support, licensing methods and more. Visual alterations are like a crown of all changes.

It took us almost whole 2014 year to crystallize – what are we and what our purpose is. It was very important for us: who are the end-users, how they live, what is important for them, how we can benefit them, what are our customer's expectations. We also wanted to clear out how we are different, what vision we strive to follow and on what values AGACAD activities are based.

What's new in AGACAD branding?
November 18, 2014 by Asta Aksomitienė

The T4R© extensions and BIM solutions for Autodesk® Revit® Architecture, Revit® Structure and Revit® MEP significantly extend the capabilities of Revit products, help to avoid many headaches for Revit users and save time during some modeling, design and documentation tasks.

These Revit add-ons and BIM solutions are regularly updated few times every year. They work with Revit 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010 and are easy to download, install and use.

Why is it worth to choose Tools 4 Revit and BIM solutions?

Our primary goal is to create productivity-boosting products that enhance the workflow of all Autodesk® Revit® users. We have an ambition to help clients automate design processes, increase design efficiency and gain their competitive advantage using the most modern design technologies.

AGACAD TOOLS 4 BIM products includes T4R© (Tools 4 Revit) add-ons and BIM solutions geared specifically to Revit users and a BIM workflow. TOOLS 4 BIM empower you to quickly and easily detail & document your Revit Architecture, Revit MEP and Revit Structure Designs. These BIM solutions and Revit apps significantly increase productivity and reduce the design costs.

Some appreciations:

ARUP implements Tools 4 Revit globally BIM Apps | API Applications for Autodesk's BIM Tools

AGA CAD Has Signed Contract with Omnix International for ‘Tools 4 Revit’ Distribution in the Middle East

AGA CAD Products Are Already Used in 129 Countries Around the World

AGA CAD Y2013 ACTIVITY REVIEW: Tools for Revit Are Becoming More and More Popular

New BIM Classification System on the Way: AGA CAD’s Contribution to the New BIM Standard Development

Revit Forum - Tools 4 Revit© review

Rick Feineis, CTO - Tools of Increased Design Productivity

The T4R© (Tools 4 Revit) add-ons and BIM solutions are developed by AGA CAD Ltd., Autodesk Authorised Developer. It's a supplier of computer-aided design software and data management solution, operating since 1991. AGA CAD activities consist of tools for Revit development, creation of Revit families, programming services working with BIM projects faster and easier. With resellers in a number of countries, AGA CAD Ltd. implements BIM solutions for architects, structural and MEP engineers, constructors and building contractors globally.

AGA CAD Ltd. has been an Autodesk Partner for more than 20 years. Competencies of Company: Autodesk Gold Partner, Autodesk Authorised Developer, Autodesk Authorised Training Centre and Autodesk Authorised Certification Centre.

The T4R (Tools 4 Revit) apps and BIM solutions are used in more than 129 countries worldwide. More than 8,500 commercial licenses are currently being used by small and medium sized architectural, MEP and construction companies as well as notable large-scale international design companies (such as ARUP, COWI, Grontmij Carlbro, and HOK).

Benefits for You

  • Increased Productivity

All of T4R (Tools 4 Revit) extensions and BIM solutions have one common objective: to simplify and accelerate workflow for all Revit users. These tools for BIM help to streamline the entire design-to-documentation process and gain workflow speed twice and more, some of apps increase productivity ten times more. Tools for BIM help you to save money.

  • Easy to Use

Products' content and tools are designed for Revit users with different skill levels. We have crafted tools for Revit and BIM solutions to make them as simple as possible using one operational method for all AGA CAD software. Therefore, if you know one of apps you can easily comprehend all of them.

  • Easy to Learn

We want to tell you exactly how our products work that’s why you can find many tutorials, videos, tips & tricks and articles on our web site and blog. The users of tools for Revit and BIM solutions can read e-help material too. We hope all that material will explain the essential points of our products.

  • More Options, More Quality

Get more detailed information on your project with T4R (Tools 4 Revit) add-ons and BIM solutions. These apps allow you to model much faster, easier and more precise, to get comprehensive project documentation, and to make miscellaneous analyses for the whole project.

  • More Convenience

Many useful tools give you the power to make design decisions with ease.

  • More professional communication between different parts of project (RAC, RST, RMEP)
  • Created Under Revit Users Requirements

We are Autodesk certified Revit users always using the newest Revit versions. So we know problems of Revit users very well and purposely develop AGA CAD products to suit the needs of Revit users. We always consider the wish-list of Revit users and if it’s possible we realize that. Tools 4 Revit and BIM solutions can be easily customized to suit your requirements as well.

  • Products That Meet Whole Design Process Standards

The AGACAD TOOLS 4 BIM software are developed by BIM designers & documentors. Our team consists of certified architects, engineers, designers, and professional programmers. (Read about us >>)

In crafting the T4R add-ons and BIM solutions content, we have considered the whole process that BIM requires; from preliminary design to developed design through to completed documentation. Much of this is explained with the videos and technical information that is provided with each product.

We also provide consultancy services to help you to develop your design processes including standards, templates, custom-built families and applications.

November 13, 2014 by Asta Aksomitienė

We are energetic and visionary engineers with expertise in computer-aided design, BIM processes and software development. We continuously create solutions to accelerate Building Information Modeling based on the insights and experience of the most advanced practitioners. In this way we help reduce stress in BIM processes while boosting the safety and payback of related investments. We save our clients time and money by eliminating unnecessary BIM tasks, letting them focus on work that creates value.

AGA CAD serves BIM professionals and decision makers throughout the world, adding value and safety to the Building Information Modeling process that is changing how buildings and infrastructure are planned, designed, built, and managed.

We create solutions for continuous BIM acceleration, ensuring that clients can finish their projects on time, on budget and at the highest quality standards. The result for BIM users is greater profit and less stress.

Unlike consultants who make clients adapt to their own methodology, AGA CAD gathers insights and experience from the world’s most advanced BIM professionals in order to develop leading-edge solutions and deliver them in ways that best fit each client’s needs and financial capacity.

Our customer community thus has access to a large base of knowledge on the best BIM practices, making it easier for them to bring BIM to life.

September 29, 2014 by Asta Aksomitienė

Autodesk_Revit_workshop_Smart Assemblies_Sheets (Custom)We are happy to announce our next webinar is on this Thursday October 2nd. Please join us for a 45 minutes on-line demonstration of our updated BIM solution Smart Assemblies v2015.2 or v2014.3.

As you know we're always striving for our products to meet our customers' needs. Therefore when we received few client requests (from the USA, Australia, the Netherlands) to improve work with element view in shop drawings, our team has developed new functionality that allows you to control element rotation in all assembly views.

In this live demonstration of updated Smart Assemblies you'll see not only the newest feature but all functionality of Smart Assemblies. Main themes:

May 22, 2014 by Asta Aksomitienė

We kindly welcome all Autodesk® Revit® MEP users from Europe region to register and attend our Free Webinar


 Live on Wed, 28 May  or  Thu, 29 May

For your convenience, there are two different times of the webinar. Join us for a 30 min session and watch-in-action how to improve your design working with heating systems:

February 25, 2014 by Asta Aksomitienė

t4r_logo_80x80Our company is glad to announce that last year we acquired more than 4,500 new customers of T4R© (Tools 4 Revit) extensions and AGA CAD BIM Solutions. Compared to the 2012's year activities, the number of AGA CAD product users has increased by 25%, and total amount of AGA CAD product commercial licenses already exceeds 8,500. As it can be seen from the market trends, Autodesk® Revit® extensions are becoming more and more popular, so we expect that sales of AGA CAD products will grow for the third this year.

Our team seeks to create products which increase the designers' work rate and quality, therefore designers from different countries like them. Increased quantity of sales confirms that our products meet expectations of Revit users. Next year we expect even more sales as we are finalizing to implement the system Show How, helping to quickly and easily learn how to use the software.

December 13, 2013 by Asta Aksomitienė

We welcome you to take advantage of our special campaign, which is running only once a year.

-50 % 
only one week 


This deal is valid from December 12th until December 19th, 2013.

BIM solutions for Revit® Professionals are a set of professional BIM software compatible with Autodesk® Revit®. It is based on mathematical modeling, scientific knowledge, international design standards and Revit® users’ wish-list.

June 13, 2013 by Asta Aksomitienė

This is to announce that we have a new useful gift for all Autodesk® Revit® users: the latest product, the free Cut Opening LT for creating and cutting openings in building constructions. Extension works with Ducts, Pipes, Cable Trays and Conduits.

Cut-opening LT

Cut Opening LT easily cuts holes automatically in the places where MEP ducts, pipes, cable traces or conduits intersect walls, floors or ceilings. This extension manages the creation of openings using Revit® „Interference Check“ results. Compatible with Revit 2014 and 2013.

Cut Opening LT 2

Main features:

  • cut Opening LT automatically creates openings where ducts, pipes, cable trays or conduits intersect walls, floors or ceilings;
  • adds opening offset if needed;
  • user can change the type and shape of opening;
  • the cut offset and shape of opening can be locked;
  • possibility to change/delete existing openings if needed.

The Cut Opening LT is available worldwide to all users of Autodesk® Revit® Architecture, Revit® Structure and Revit® MEP. It is compatible with Autodesk Revit 2013 and 2014.

You are welcome to download free Cut Opening LT here>>

Thank you!

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