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December 09, 2015 by Renata Jočienė

We have good news for Autodesk® Revit® users who design framed buildings. Currently our team develops new version of Metal Framing Floor+ that will be more functional than ever. Using Metal Framing Floor+ updates, you’ll be able to create Ceilings, not just Floors!

I’ll shortly introduce the upcoming Metal Framing Floor+ functionality so that you can imagine how this updated application for Revit can be helpful to you. So keep your eyes, mind and fantasy open, that will soon come true.

Using forthcoming version of Metal Framing Floor+, you can make a link between ceiling layers and metal framing configurations. Let’s take a regular architectural ceiling with Metal Stud Layer and Gypsum. We can easily assign your predefined frame and sheathing configurations:

Now let’s frame the ceiling – yeah, the Frame Floor command frames ceiling with the same precision as floors:


Note: only non-complex ceiling shapes are supported in this Floor+ version.

Default ceiling frame profile can be modified according your needs:

Gypsum elements can be divided into Parts with Metal Framing Floor+ command Split Sheathing Parts:

Voila, you have all gypsum elements in your framed ceiling system separated!

And now let’s frame the floor which is above the ceiling using the same Frame Floor command:

You can see the fine result below:

You can add hangers between ceiling and floor frames. For automatic hanger distribution let’s use our other BIM solution Smart Details. This powerful product can place any selected Revit element with predefined rules. In this case, using Smart Details, hangers will be added on the ceiling frame and connected to floor frame which is above.


Using BIM solutions Metal Framing Floor+ and Smart Details, we can have the result with floor and ceiling being framed in detail, such model fits LOD 350.

Precise shop drawings can be easily done with Metal Framing Floor+ command Create Frame Assembly. In such case, you can achieve LOD 400 in your Revit model:

So, you can be sure that we are constantly improving our BIM solutions that become more and more powerful and give you more possibilities and higher level of model detail. After a few weeks we’ll release the new version of Metal Framing Floor+, therefore you’ll be able try out yourself everything that I have described in this blog post soon. So please follow our news!

Thank you.

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