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December 09, 2016 by Renata Jočienė

New versions of Wood and Metal Framing Floor+ have been released!

Our framing software for wood and metal floors has been updated in a lot of ways. From connections to stud size, from rendering shop drawings to cutting beams, there is a variety of upgrades in these products. Let’s take a tour and check out the new features of Wood Framing Floor+ and Metal Framing Floor+!

  • Floor Connections
    Even though the most popular floor end connections were already available, these weren’t sufficient because users often want to generate something unique. Take structural engineers. They’re always interested in reducing heat loss and saving materials, frequently by using special joins. Well, now we have good news for everyone who needs to make custom joins! Our newly-developed custom join function allows you to make virtually any connection type, save it, and use it in your projects.

The dialog contains lots of options for creating custom connections. For the joists, the user can predefine the type and position of each one, rotate it by 90 or 180 degrees, and add it to the external, internal, or centre floor layer. Additionally, there is a feature that aligns a joist with the previous stud. Users can select a specific type with predefined sizes from the project, or they can define the depth to be aligned with the floor layer thickness. The scheme that the user customizes is visible in the Symbolic Preview. When finished, the custom join can be saved and used in different projects or shared with colleagues.

Result after clicking on Floor+Frame Floor:

  • Straightforward and flexible Shop Drawings

Using Wood Framing Floor+ and Metal Framing Floor+, you can automate floor framing work in Revit and generate shop drawings, complete with dimensioning, part lists, and material take-off. The framing tool will collect all elements from one floor panel, assemble them (with predefined views), add dimensions, add tags, make sheets, and place the views into the sheets.

Assembly Views, Schedules, and Sheets are now separated into different tabs, making it easier to find and control them.

For Assembly Views, there are many options so that you can customize views of the assembly and framing layers the way you want. For each view, you can select different framing, connection, or part tags. In addition, every view can have its own frame dimensioning rules, including dimension styles and positioning. You created your project, so view it the way you want!

Below, some sample views that you can get using the above dialog:

Under the Schedules tab, you can easily predefine part lists, material take-off, and other schedules, and then you can select which framing layer they will apply to (frame, battens, flooring, or sheathing). Select a schedule from your current project to be a template for the assembly part list, material take-off, or other assembly schedules. This allows you to create any schedule in Revit and use it as a template for assembly schedules:

Sample result:

And, last but not least, the Sheets! From now on you can generate multiple sheets for one floor panel with different title blocks:


  • Variable stud size.
    Thanks to the secondary stud system, you can now have two different stud sizes in the same floor. A great innovation in the wood and metal framing software!

  • Bridging/Nogging/Blocking

    Adjusting and tweaking Additional Bridging/Nogging/Blocking is now more flexible, allowing you can predefine an offset from the selected element or a connected element.

It’s possible to control the offset from the end of a shorter or longer connected element.

You can to add up to 8 Bridging/Nogging/Blocking rules.

Among the additional options for Bridging/Nogging/Blocking rules is an External / Internal / Centre setting.

  • Cut Beams
    Ever had that situation where beams crossed paths? Well, something has got to give. Use the brand new Cut Beams function to make it quick and painless. Cut beams that intersect with the selected beam.

  • Other minor improvements have been included throughout the updated versions of Wood and Metal Framing Floor+.

For more information about Wood Framing Floor+ and Metal Framing Floor+ check e-help, watch our webinars and getting started videos, and of course contact our support group at if you have any questions.


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We’d love to stay in touch and share information that could be helpful for you in your work. Typically we write about twice a month and you can unsubscribe at any time. Is that OK?

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