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March 22, 2016 by Valensas Balsevicius

Finally, we are proud to announce that new version of Smart Assemblies is released.

Even if Smart Assemblies is already a great tool and saves a lot of time for Revit® users, we still find a ways to make it better.

In the latest version of Smart Assemblies we‘ve added a bunch of commands to have a full set of controls to manage changes and updates of assemblies. Main feature - Dynamic Smart Assemblies Update will give you more flexibility and will be a great time saver in your upcoming projects.

NOTE: In order to make Dynamic Smart Assemblies Update work, users first have to update Smart Assemblies and Tools 4 BIM Dock.

Now let’s take a look at the list of new features and briefly overview them before the upcoming webinar on Mar 24, 2016.

List of new futures:

      • Dynamic Smart Assemblies Update – on/off
      • Auto Create Assemblies
      • Manage Assemblies
      • Update views – on/off (Shop Drawing Configurations)
      • Insert Grids (Shop Drawing Configurations)
      • Shared parameters in Notes (Shop Drawing Configurations)

Dynamic Smart Assemblies Update – on/off

In the configurations window, you‘ll notice new Dynamic Smart Assemblies Update switch - on/off.

This option is not dependent on configuration. If you turn it on – it works as long as you use Smart Assemblies on any project or configuration.

By activating this command, you’ll be able to turn it on or off.

Its purpose is to change ways assemblies will react to the changes made to Primary or Secondary assemblies.

Primary Assembly – a main assembly with drawings and Secondary Assemblies as copies of this main/primary assembly.

If Dynamic Smart Assemblies Update is on:

Changes to primary assemblies will be transferred to all secondary assemblies;

Changes in secondary assembly will let you choose whether you want to create a new assembly or it’s a mistake and will let you cancel operation to overview situation.

During the update process, software will check if there are changes in primary and secondary assemblies and will suggest you to take appropriate actions.

If you will try to add cuts, openings in assembly, update process will start automatically and you will be asked whether you want to change assembly.

Auto Create Assemblies

This new command of BIM solution Smart Assemblies automatically creates assemblies and views from selected elements by predefined configuration name which can be entered in Element Shared Type Parameter – “Smart Assembly Configuration”.

Instead of manually creating and assigning configurations to your elements with Create Assemblies command, you can define name of configuration manually during modelling. You can also use formulas in Family properties to define which configuration should be used - for example, if length of the element is more than 3000 mm, use configuration “X”, and if it’s less than 3000 mm, use configuration “Y”.

Manage Assemblies

To make handling of selection and overview of Primary and Secondary assemblies easier, we have created a new Manage Assemblies command. You can quickly select and isolate required assemblies.

New Configuration options

From now on in Smart Assemblies view configuration tab, you’ll be able to choose whether views should be updated and which views should be updated.

Also there will be a column with checkbox to show Grids of Primary assembly. Grids should be crossing your assembly to make them appear on the drawing.

In the Dimensioning Priority and Notes tab, you’ll find out that you can choose to use shared parameters in the notes. Shared parameter defined in configurations should be in the project, in other case configuration will not be saved.

This is a short description of our new release of Smart Assemblies. We will explain more and show how it works in the upcoming webinar New Dynamic Update Technology for Assembly Management and technical documentation of this application for Revit.

Thank you.

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