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June 19, 2018 by Robert Prybyla

Our Midsummer Sale is here, and we're offering huge discounts for multi-seat packs of annual subscriptions of BIM Solutions.
Discounts are only valid for orders placed by July 16, so take advantage of this limited-time offer to supercharge your team! (And yes, this sale is also valid where it's winter-time right now.)

Sample quotes and eligible products below. Contact us for a personalized quote!

Example Pricing

To give you a better feel for the supercharged discounts we're offering, here are real life quotes for 2 of our BIM Solutions: Cut Opening and Wood Framing Wall.

(If you need either or both of these tools for your team, then consider the pricing below to be our on-the-spot offer! But REMEMBER: this pricing is valid only through July 16, 2018.)

Annual Subscription Midsummer Discount Price per license Qty Support Plan Total Total

1 license

850 €

1,250 €


250 €

1,100 €

1,500 €

10 licenses

50% off

425 € 625 € 10 500 € 4,750 € 6,750 €

5 licenses

40% off

510 € 750 € 5 250 € 2,800 € 4,000 €

3 licenses

25% off

640 € 940 € 3 250 € 2,170 € 3,070 €

Enterprise license*

Special offer upon request

* Includes all AGACAD products which you select

The Fine Print

Discounts are available for the BIM Solutions listed in the table below. Training for your team is included. Whether you have a team of 3 or 30, training is done by our BIM experts to ensure that you can use your software to its full potential right from the start. (Training sessions are recorded and shared with you.)

  • Support plan (value of €250) includes 2 hours of individual training and 1 hour of personal consulting.
  • Support plan (value of €500) includes 3 hours of individual training and 3 hours of personal consulting.
  • Support plan (value of €700) includes 3 hours of individual training and 5 hours of personal consulting.

Note: Midsummer Sale is only valid for purchases of new licenses. Not valid for renewals or maintenance of software previously purchased.

Midsummer sale applies to all BIM Solutions below

* NOTE: The following products require a special implementation package (families, configurations, consultation) sold separately:

Contact us, and we'll make an offer sure to supercharge your team.

Free Trials & Demos

If you haven’t already, we invite you to take a free trial to see which tool(s) you would like.
You are also welcome to request a free live demo with one of our engineers who will show you exactly what the tools you're interested in can do. That way you can make sure that it will truly fit your needs.

Thanks for BIM-ing with us and enjoy the summer!

Thank you!

If you have not been contacted within 24 hours, please check your Junk folder.

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Don’t waste time on reading technical documentation and see that this is the solution for you! Our Expert will frame a part of your project, demonstrate software functionality and share the best practice and efficient way of framing, taking into account your current needs.

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: 200$/200€

Register to start framing with our Expert

You will leave the demonstration with:
- Part of your project already framed;
- Your questions answered;
- 14-days software trial;
- Support during the trial period.

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us via email

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