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October 14, 2016 by Renata Jočienė

We got such question from our Metal Framing Wall+ user:

Some of our panel designs use a lot of different post assemblies throughout the building. I end up creating these as a combination of vertical studs, additional studs, and sometimes a stud from a connection too. I’d like to use a special framing member mark to communicate when these studs are a post instead of a vertical/additional/connection stud. Although I would be really thankful if you know of a way your programs would be able to do this.

For example: my superintendent wants the S-2 stud below to be marked CFP for cold formed post."

You have to follow the same technology as the one we use for our Structural Connections. We added these Shared (Type) parameters to the family directly and hardcoded the required naming:

You should follow the same workflow with cold formed post family. I have selected a regular stud and added these parameters with values. Then saved it as a new family. Please note that these parameters must be Shared and Type:

Now after loading it to the project, you can easily renumber the framing elements using Wall+MSort Structural Framing by Mark and cold formed posts will have the required information:

Result in the wall assembly:

And don’t forget – if you have any questions while working with any of our BIM solutions and extensions for Revit, all your questions are always welcome at e-mail

Thank you.

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