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July 13, 2015 by Renata Jočienė

Thanks for the email to one of our Metal Framing Floor+ users, whose question has encouraged me to write this blog post. He asked this question: “I need the Revit® families of profiles Howick 89 x 41.3 for metal roof and floor, is it possible?” Framing process is not easy, and it requires many different framing profiles. So, in this blog post I would like to explain how building designers can add required Revit families to their framing models.

There are two ways of adding new Revit family type to the project:

  • First – you can find new types in the default library that we provide together with our product Metal Framing Floor+;
  • Second – create a new Revit family type by yourself.

Further I’ll provide the way how to add required new Revit families of profiles. This way can be used not only when working with Metal Framing Floor+ but with other our BIM solutions for framing as well: Metal Framing Wall+, Metal Framing Rafter+ or Metal Framing Truss+.

In order to find and add new profile type you have to select Insert → Load Family → Floor+ M → Imperial or Metric Library → Library → select a framing element family, for example I_MF Stud-Joist.rfa:

You will find all possible types here and you will be able to load only required frame component types:

After, you will be able to select this new type in Metal Framing Floor+ “Framing Configuration”:

Also, you can create new type in your project browser. Please extend Structural Framing category and find I_MF Stud-Joist. Here you can create a new type:

Metal frames have type parameter “d” depth, which is equal to core layer depth from a wall:

You can save improved families for the future projects in the Metal Framing Floor+ Metric or Imperial library. The default path is: C:\ProgramData\Tools 4 Revit\Floor+ M 2015\Floor+ M\Imperial Library

As I have already said, the similar way to add required new Revit families of profiles can be used working with our other BIM solutions for framing: Metal Framing Wall+, Metal Framing Rafter+ or Metal Framing Truss+.

Hope this advice was useful. If you have more questions concerning our solutions’ usage, please let us know: just contact us or our partners for support questions.

Thank you.

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