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November 04, 2015 by Valensas Balsevicius

In this blog, I will talk about possibilities of wood framing task simplification in Autodesk® Revit® projects. For example, users of one of our solutions for wood framing – Truss+RT – can quickly create various types of roof trusses. One of commands – Insert Truss System Grid lets them quickly insert group of trusses in standard situations. But how can you solve unusual situations that, actually, are not so rare in Revit projects?

Therefore I would like to show you one simple method how to use our Wood Framing Truss+RT solution to create a group of trusses which is updated according to surrounding trusses and roof slopes.

Let‘s say we have created some roof trusses, but we still have a gap in the corner, which we have to fill with 5 jack trusses. One of them should have vertical and diagonal webs, because of it length, and others shouldn’t. They will be supported on corner girder truss and exterior wall. In standard Revit you would have to build a few truss families, create trusses and then cut and cope framing elements, which would take a lot of time.

Let‘s see how we can do this with our solution for wood trusses –Wood Framing Truss + RT.

First of all, I draw the model line at the level of Top of the wall, from wall to supporting girder truss.

After that, I select the model line and select command – Insert Truss by Selected Model Line:

In the new window I select the truss type I want to insert and click OK:

My Jack Truss is inserted and all framing elements are cut according to each other and supporting truss:

But I want to multiply this to fill all my gaps between trusses. For this, I set up rules for when to insert web elements to jack trusses.

Then I just select the jack truss and use special Copy/Array/AutoArray Truss command:

In the last window I make some modifications and click OK:

The Result - Jack Trusses were automatically inserted and extended, while web elements were updated according to defined rules!

There are a lot more ways how to simplify wood framing using applications for Revit. Design of roof, walls and floors can become a pleasant activity with handy tools. In the upcoming webinar, we will demonstrate our updated framing tool Wood Framing Wall+, which has more wood framing design possibilities and efficient modeling methods than you could ever wish for.

Thank you.

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