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September 13, 2017 by Jokūbas Vaišvila

If spaces in your Revit® building model contain columns, ducts, pipes, and other elements, it helps to have some automated assistance in avoiding clashes with sprinklers. Well, you get the assistance you need with our Fire Sprinkler software. When laying out fire sprinkler heads, you can use our Sprinkler Interference Check, which allows you to check zone clashes from sprinklers by means of an inner parameter that checks interference distance.

Using the interference checker, you'll be able to find nearby objects, mark them in red, and manually move them. If you lock your distribution, it doesn’t matter what you do with the space – the elements will stay where you put them. You can find the locking functionality here:

Our Smart Sprinklers solution has three types of interference checks:

  • Sprinkler Interference Check in Space
  • Sprinkler Type Interference Check in Space
  • Sprinkler System Interference Check in Space

Here’s how interference checks work.

Inside the position markers of sprinklers, you will find a parameter named ‘Sprinkler_Interference_Checking_Radius’ – this defines the interfering distance around a sprinkler.

Using this parameter, you can set the minimum distance to any elements around the sprinkler.

As an example, if you use ‘Sprinklers Interference Check in Space,’ you will get data like this... which case Smart Sprinklers will look for all clashes between any kind of sprinklers inside the space.

With the other two types of interference checks:

  • if you use ‘Sprinkler Type Interference Check in Space,’ you will be able to choose from upright and pendant sprinklers.
  • if you use ‘Sprinkler System Interference in Space,’ you will find any sprinkler system element clashes – all pipes, fittings, and sprinklers will be taken into account.

After the interference check is done, you can move your elements as needed and apply the lock distribution option as described above.

So, when laying out fire sprinkler heads, use this workflow to work around columns, ducts, pipes, or any other elements you have in your spaces.

New to Tools4BIM? We invite you to check out Fire Sprinkler by taking a 14-day trial.

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