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June 18, 2015 by Jokūbas Vaišvila

Autodesk® Revit® users who create buildings with MEP system models often require a tool that inserts openings where MEP line based elements meet building envelope or other structural or architectural elements.

AGACAD has two different versions of applications for cut opening: Cut Opening and Cut Opening Free. So what are the differences between these two applications for Revit? I’ll try to list them below in this article.

BIM solution Cut Opening manages creation of openings where ducts, pipes, cable trays, and conduits intersect with floors, walls, roofs, ceilings, beams, and columns. This solution can insert openings not only in architectural model but in structural as well.

Revit plugin Cut Opening Free manages creation of openings where ducts, pipes, cable trays and conduits intersect with floors, walls, roofs and ceilings. Free version of Cut Opening could create openings only where MEP line based elements meet architectural envelope elements.

Cut Opening has additional configurations that open more possibilities for end users. Using this BIM solution Revit user will be provided with auto-joining tools. There is a possibility to identify auto-join offset. User will also be able to cut openings where MEP line based element reaches but not crosses the bounding element. It is possible to identify minimal opening size as well. This size shows minimal width and height of rectangular elements just like diameter shows the minimal diameter of round MEP elements.

Free of charge Revit app Cut Opening Free does not have such configuration possibilities.

Cut Opening solution fits companies that work with multidisciplinary projects. This application for Revit can cut openings in architectural and structural models. Linking MEP models to architectural or structural model or doing otherwise will never be a problem for engineers that are responsible for creating openings. Full version of this software can handle external file formats like IFC.

Cut Opening Free version should be used by smaller companies or individual workers that are working in one file. This software version does not allow engineers to cut openings in linked file.

Cut Opening is much more powerful software than you can imagine. This solution could insert structural openings to the structural walls in cases when architectural walls, windows, and doors are separated from the structural walls.

Cut Opening Free does not have such configuration possibilities.

So these are the main differences between BIM solution Cut Opening and Revit extension Cut Opening Free. I suggest Cut Opening Free for small companies that are working with one native Revit file. Cut Opening could be useful for big companies that are working with multidisciplinary projects, different software, and linked files.

I hope this article gave you a broader understanding of our Cut Opening solutions and it helped you to make the right decision choosing application for Revit that helps cut openings in Revit models effectively.

Thank you.

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