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November 15, 2017 by Jokūbas Vaišvila

BIM Navigator is a powerful tool for library and project parameter management in Revit. Bringing to bear the combined power of Smart Browser and BIM Tree Manager, it lets users review parameters from different angles to give maximum control -- from family management and modification to quality control of projects.

For a side-by-side break-down of the two arms of BIM Navigator, see the table below.

And if you'd like to see more about BIM Navigator, join our webinar on Thursday, December 7, 2017! It's geared toward anyone and everyone involved in the BIM workflow -- Revit modelers, BIM managers, BIM analysts, BIM evangelists, team leads, MEP engineers, architects, designers, structural engineers, and contractors.

BIM Navigator

To manage parameters inside a Revit project, use:To manage parameters outside a Revit project, use:

BIM Tree Manager

Smart Browser Manage

Browse information from different angles

Control parameters inside Revit projects:
Control parameters in Revit content libraries:

Group and quantify Revit objects

Store a library anywhere

Filter Revit project families by different rules

Browse libraries

Prepare a project browser

Search for a Revit Family

Work with multi-category elements

Load families

Roombook for multi-category elements

Drag-n-drop families

Instant selection of Revit elements through a table

Review families without opening them

Project quality control

Group families for batch changes

Export to an external source

Filter families for batch changes

Batch parameter management

Project prameter quality control

Family parameter quality control

Change Value

Change Value

Copy Value

Copy Value

Copy value from Host

Rename Family

Copy value from Room

Delete Family

Copy value from Space

Change Category

Copy Host Mark

Add subcategory

Rename Type by rule

Add type

Change Type

Rename Type

Replace element and map parameters

Rename Type by rule

Replace nested elements

Delete Type

Calculate orientation

Add Shared Parameter

Calculate Elevation

Add Family parameter

Calculate Coordinates

Add selected parameter

Calculate area

Rename parameter

Calculate values (write formulas)

Modify parameter

Sort and Mark elements

Replace with family parameter

Create a real Revit schedule

Remove parameter

Create new Shared Parameter

Add formulas

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BIM Navigator

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